Hermès Prize Villa Noailles

  • Strip
    Rebekka Deubner

    The first step of photography is the photogram: objects are placed on a photosensitive paper, which is then exposed to light, and after the development and fixing process, the negative, ghostly and luminous imprint of these same objects remains.

  • Hermès Prize Villa Noailles
    Ilaria Orsini 

    On the occasion of the Villa Noailles' Centenary, Tide magazine was given carte blanche over the 38th Edition of the International Festival of Hyères.

  • Around Stockholm
    Anders Edström

    “I don’t know how to treat Intimacy and Universality in any other way than looking at pictures I’ve taken recently. It’s the world I’m looking at. It doesn’t mean anything. I don’t know why I take them. It’s just what I do.”

  • Behind The Curtain
    Marianne Mueller

    Back in 2019, photographer Marianne Mueller was invited for a second time to Yekaterinburg. She had "for once, a clear idea for the exhibition" that she would present at her residency.

  • Blue Is My Favourite Colour
    Alessandro F. Capria

    It’s been a decade since Alessandro Furchino Capria became a photographer, and 2023 signifies the beginning of a new chapter following his recent move from Milan to London.

The raw beauty of ordinary life

Tinted Minds
Nicole Maria Winkler

A project about the passing of time, the repetition, the reminiscence of cherished moments, the loved ones, the lightness of being. Four daily sequences, seen through the eyes of women, with drops of colours tinting our minds in blue, fushia, fluffy orange and satin-green. 
Shot every Friday for a month.

Ordinary talks
A podcast by Tide magazine

"With our taste for all things raw, we delve into the everyday life of our contributors".

  • Metamorphoses
    Zahra Tavassoli Zea

    In 1947, André Malraux conceptualised his own “imaginary” museum, where artworks acquire a new life through a confrontation game with other art objects from different cultures and eras.

  • Bangkok Daily
    Deo Suveera & Pamela Dimitrov

    This series is taken from our second issue, about the Full & Empty. A stroll through Bangkok’s daily life and objects.

  • Objects of Love
    Ruth van Beek

    Soft, rounded shapes. Pastel, citrus and vibrant colours. Colourful backgrounds. Brush marks and cut-outs reveal, here and there, a handwork process.