Tide magazine is a bi-annual publication documenting the raw beauty of ordinary life, through contemporary images and multidisciplinary artworks.

Photographers, filmmakers, visual artists and writers are brought together to translate the hopes and depths of our times.

Driven by ideas and emotion, our stories aim to convey a certain kind of imagery, one that is intimate and universal, all at once. Each Tide issue revolves around two opposite yet complementary notions: an ever-present duality, as the tidal movements at sea.

Tide magazine features top emerging and established talents of the creative industry.

Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director
Camille Sei

Camille Sei & Michel Gheorghe

Managing Director
Michel Gheorghe

Editor, Fashion & Cultural Partnerships
Pauline Marie Malier

Supervising Editor & Translator
Zahra Tavassoli Zea​

Senior Graphic Designer & Art Director
Vicente Granger

Digital Graphic Designer
Eva Aguirregomezcorta

General & Advertising Enquiries

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