Ordinary Talks
A podcast by Tide magazine

Tide magazine has been documenting the raw beauty of everyday life through artist curation for the past few years. But who are the human beings behind the works? This podcast delves into the daily lives of our contributors through our distinctive quest for integrity. We engage in spontaneous conversations with image makers and creatives who shape today’s fashion and cultural landscape.

What does the “ordinary” mean to them?
What do they dream about? 
This podcast is a way to connect art with intimacy.

Rebekka Deubner

As a photographer and through her experimental approach to the medium, Rebekka Deubner makes it a priority to always approach issues and subjects in a meaningful way. With close-ups of faces and landscapes, she depicts a very personal understanding of Japan as a country still recovering from the catastrophes of the past.
With her Strip series published in our last issue, she captures the clothes of her deceased mother, recalling her physical presence with poetic immediacy. Munich-born photographer and founder of publishing house le rayon vert. Rebekka Deubner invited us into the intimacy of her Bagnolet home on the occasion of the very first episode of "Ordinary Talks". A place she only recently began to call home, and which, by offering a new understanding of the Paris region, influences her work in a new way. Last January, we spent 42 minutes with Rebekka on a cold but warm Thursday evening.

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    ISSUE 3

    Intimacy & Universality
    55:23 min


    ISSUE 2

    Full & Empty
    53:35 min


    ISSUE 1

    Discretion & Curiosity
    41:04 min